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Perfume microcapsule

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  • MaterialMicrocapsule
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Perfume microcapsule


Aroma Microcapsule

AromaBall is a product created in the process of making fat-soluble liquid aroma micro-encapsulated to increase scent durability.
By solidifying the liquid aroma, you can use it in various types for your purpose. The particle size, scent durability, and other properties of matter can be adjusted according to purpose of use.


+ Aroma duration effect by use of pure herbal scent
+ Release of 20% of scent in natural state
+ More than one year of aroma duration in natural state
+ Release of 90% of scent in moving and minor friction
+ Scent-lasting even after 50 times of washing (certified by KOTITI)
- in the case of cotton pre-processing
+ Aromatherapy effect
+ Antibacterial effect and deodorization of cypress scent


Aroma scent : Acacia, Apple,Banana,Cherry.Chocolate,Cinamon,Eucalyptus,Freesia,Grape,Greentea Haselnut,Jasmine,Lavender,Lemon, Mint, OUD, Peppermint, Pine, Pineapple, Rose, Rosemary, Strawberry Wild Flower, Cypress R, Cypress N

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Perfume microcapsule